Unlock the next level in your Hypnotherapy practice with the "The Best of The Best" Hypnotherapists" in the world - success leaves clues and they'll show you the way.

you simply can't afford to miss this Expo & Festival where we are going to show you how to:

☑️  Attract clients to your Hypnotherapy practice

☑️ Handle ‘that guy’! (The 7 point rebuttal formula that never fails)

☑️ Curate Real Community

☑️ Book your business solid in uncertain times 

☑️ Captivate and Audience of 1 or 1000 and Everything in Between

☑️ Create an effective Desire, Intention, and Gratitude Statement to Manifest Success

☑️ Grow Your Online Hypnosis Business

ATTRACT Clients To Your Hypnotherapy Practice with The Cutting-Edge Strategies That Are Working TODAY


This is your chance to learn from 60+ of the world’s most successful Hypnotherapists and trainers. They’re here with one goal: Help YOU make a quantum leap and attract clients your Hypnotherapy practice.

Join One Of The Biggest Virtual Hypnotherapy Events On The Planet This Year!

Meet Your Host Selena D.

When the world opens back up again, an event like this will cost thousands of dollars for you to attend when you add flights & hotels. 
Join the HypnoBiz Expo & Festival right now and attend 100% virtually from the comfort of your home.

Meet Your Mentors

- Selena D.
Keynote Presentation

The Client Attraction System

-Dr. Steve G. Jones

How to Grow Your Online Hypnosis Business

-Helen Mitas

Book your business solid in uncertain times 

-Bob Burns

How to handle ‘that guy’! 
(The 7 point rebuttal formula that never fails)

-Rich Guzzi 

PERFORMING HYPNOSIS - How to Captivate and Audience of 1 or 1000 and Everything in Between

-Anthony Jacquin

Curating Real Community

-Victoria Gallagher

Create an effective Desire, Intention, and Gratitude Statement to Manifest Success

-Doug O'Brien

The Three-Step Strategic Hypnotic Coaching Session - A Neo-Ericksonian approach to coaching success


Mind Your Own Business...Hypnotically

-Dr. Birgit Zottmann

Motivation For Change

-Shelley S. Nicholas

Biggest Mistakes Hypnotists make and how to avoid them

-Randi Light

The Forgiveness Fire ™ The Ultimate Healing Process 

-Tania Taylor

Increasing Your Online Visibility

-Garry Coles

Hypno-Oncology: Hypnotic Interventions for the Cancer Journey

-Donald Pelles 

An Introduction to Core Transformation

-Susan Golding

Quantum Integration Technique 

-Mark Lakowske 

Hypnotic Ho'Oponopono

-Jim Kellner   

Launch Your Hypnosis Career Now 

-Taras Machula 

Why Spiritual Regression is the Most Powerful Modality and Why You Need to Learn It Today

-Albert Bramante 

Working with Jungian Archetypes & Shadow Work in Hypnosis

-Nancie Barwick 

Working with the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Community

-Jan Sky  

Navigate the Social Landscape of the Brain

-Anna Margolina  

Hypnosis and Qigong - Your Energy Matters

-Grant Murrell 

Communication Success Blueprint

-Karen Paolino Correia  

Your Soul Knows- Accessing the Wisdom of the Soul with Soul Entrainment™

-Christine A. Kelly   

Design Your Life

-Holly Stokes  

Stop Sabotage with Weight Loss

-Shari Ware  

Protective Armour Therapy

-Alicia Birong  

Three secrets of an impactful Pediatric Coach

-Will Horton 

Covid Trauma A current and Future Killer

-Saba Hocek

Increase Your Intuition and Tap Into Your Inner Genius

-Attila Kun   

Transcendence/Paranormal Hypnotherapy - Spirit Releasement

-Adelina Pjetra  

Introduction “ What is BWRT THERAPY”

-Nas Parsiam 

Master your Inner Wellness

-Lois Herman    

Inspiring Hope for Clients in Challenging Times

-Tammy Magnuson  

The Sunset Method - hypnosis to create a new tomorrow

-Alison Sonefield  

Stress reduction and connection in a changing world

-Ashley L. Caputo   

Pandemic Problem Solving

-Suzie Bowers   

Your Six-Figure Hypnosis Business ~ Where Passion & Purpose Change People's Lives

-Steven Rollins   

Be a Presenter

-Cema Santos    

Helping Clients To Make a Career Change with Confidence. The five steps to a Successful Career!

-Tom Nicoli    

The Importance & Necessity of Coaching For Hypnotism Professionals

-Damon Cart   

What You Truly Want & What Stops You From Getting It

-Jan Haldane    

Reclaim Your Life After Narcissistic Abuse

-Mario Lima    


-Sharon Jurd   

6 Steps Of Designing Your Story

-Jane Nash    

Be A Yeti Hunter & Face Your Fears 

-Davida Schensky    

Home Based Business: Growing and Marketing a Business with Digital Marketing

-Desiree Scherini   

Finding Answers with Hypnotic Intuitive Writing

-Deb Johnstone    

How to use NLP to feel certain in a fast changing business world

-Connie Jo Holmes    

Avoid Getting Stuck in the "Hero Coach" Role

-Jolana Andre 

Master Social Media in Just a 15 Minutes a Day

-Pamm Millage  


-Venessa Nickless    

Setting up Seamless Systems for Success

-Terri Messenger

The Master Key To Unlocking Your Wildest Success!

-Margo Regan

Relationship Intelligence:
Managing Relationship Anxiety


Hypnosis for Peak Performers

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